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The Arizona Heart Foundation was established in 1971 with a mission to combat heart disease through education and public awareness. 
AHF was founded by Edward B. Diethrich, MD in Phoenix, AZ, and initially focused on research, collaborating with major medical device companies to advance cardiac care technologies. Over the years, AHF expanded to include educational programs including the AHF School of Ultrasound and the AHF Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist Program.
Today, AHF added to its mission by providing community-focused healthcare initiatives, including complimentary heart screenings through the AHF Cardiovascular Initiative, and low-cost outpatient diagnostic ultrasounds per provider referral at the AHF Imaging Center.

Our mission is to lead the fight against heart disease through education, innovative research, widespread awareness, and community focused healthcare programs.


Community Screening

The Arizona Heart Foundation offers community members complimentary cardiovascular screenings and heart health assessments for early detection and prevention of heart disease. 

Arizona Heart Foundation Pillars

AHF Pillar Logo
AHF Pillar Logo
AHF Pillar Logo
AHF Pillar Logo
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